Reply To: Different Company Embark Setups

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Cheers, I tried to combine a few ideas there, otherwise they seem a bit pointless, self imposing the rules when the game has an optimal playstyle is quite hard, as is setting out to have a beggar army when you start with a burly axe-man, ranger and tank/support, so I’d appreciate having setups like these to mix up my playstyle.

What I also thought, along that trail of thought, is that it might also be cool is if you had a customizable character portrait (I think most people would like that much), that you can maybe equip basic/unlockable items with fancy company-wide modifiers, that you might get from completing quest, like saving some poor beggars to get a beggar’s robes.

So for example…

Beggar’s Robes: A poorly made robe, as weathered by hardship as its wearer and ever-promising to lighten the burden of others.
Cost of recruiting beggars, refugees, flagellants and cripples are reduced by 50%, the price of food is 15% lower. Recruiting other tradesmen costs 25% more, and noble tradesmen a further 25% Selling yields 15% less money.

Thorny Crown: A symbolic token that pleads the holy follow your lead.
Priests and flagellants are 25% less expensive, resolve is improved by 30%
Recruitment of roguelike citizens is 50% more expensive.

Flamboyant Attire: A suit that assaults the eye and screams that you can make them rich
All recruitment costs are lowered by 15%

Fabulous Hat: Such a hat oozes daring and charm, it radiates confidence and competence all at once.
Resolve is improved by 5% happiness 10%

Copper Crown: Any man may wear a crown, and challenge the established order.
Criminals are 35% cheaper to recruit, others 15% more. Noble relations are 50% reduced

Inverted Surcoat: The jacket resonates with the scorned and scornful men who followed so called better men
Deserters cost 50% less, good citizens 15% more.

Etc. Maybe that’s a separate suggestion though lol.