Reply To: Balance feedback after 100h of play on highest difficulty

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He is right though.
Front-line brothers have 3 important stats.
Fatigue so they can fight longer and carry heavy armor
Armor is also very helpful against archers
Melee defense to not get hit
not get hit>HP
Kite shields ad heavy armor make enemy archers annoying at worst(unless they have massive 40+ goblin army with plenty of ambushers,nets and shamans)
Melee skill to hit and kill enemy fast, no trick just brute force

Melee defense can be discarded on polearms users with footwork as they can just walk away from enemy and their heavy armor should protect them well from few attacks.
Ranged defense is useful on them as on ranged characters(main users) or nimble fighters but they are optional at best.
Ranged attack is for designated ranged and hybrids. But hybrids will need to drop some other stats. As they usually are polearm users its melee defense as they stay away from enemy.
HP lost its importance as with injures getting hit is often getting crippled. You can’t tank with HP alone and its much better to avoid enemy hits than suffer them.
not getting hit>plenty of HP

I was thinking about secondary stats some time and come to similar to OP opinions.
Current HP is welcomed but but not worth sacrificing other stats.
So what can be done to make it more important?
Currently Fatigue represent endurance and stamina of character. But where is strength?
HP could fulfill this role. It could be used as body strength.
Like making HP=50 base/normal strength Any more give some bonus to melee damage, any less penalty. It could be percentage bonus like 1hp more/less than 50HP count for 1% bonus/penalty to damage.
It could be based on current character HP so getting wounded would weaken strength of hits.
Initiative is more flicker but considering it its agility/quickness of character it could be used in similar way as proposed to HP bonus but with bonus to Melee/Ranged defense and hit chance.(?)
Like taking base 100(?) initiative and grant % bonus/penalty for any point more or less(capped at 25(?)%). It would also serve as a mechanism to simulate of soldiers getting tired and less effective.
At max bonus/penalty it could also grant 1more/less AP. Its no much but could be useful.

Problem with zombie/dire wolf/ghouls fights is that they scale to player level. But they lack any means to harm or out damage a player.
Zombies have staying power but nothing else. 1 low damage attack per turn. Tedious and boring.
Ghouls hardly attack en mass and even then they can be routed quickly and have no means to pierce armor.
Dire wolves are deadly early but after that they scale badly.

AD 5. Weren’t this fixed recently? I get impressions that enemy in events and when attack player on global map had switched their default behavior to charge.