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Just to clarify, I’m not calling for everything to be ‘crammed’ into the game. My list, was not meant to be taken literally.
Touche, you got me with the yeti. It is indeed asian mythology, I was using examples that could easily fit from a visual and thematic standpoint – it didn’t need to literally be a yeti. Brand it ‘giant’, ‘frost giant’ or whatever, as long as it fits thematically into the world of Battle Brothers
Those things aside, I’m simply making two observations: firstly the devs at OverHype have outwardly stated that there will be a beast faction, and secondly the world as an ecosystem seems pretty static (judging from videos), yes theres bandits, orcs, undead, goblins… but what of the wildlife that populates this world? I agree with Jago, the Witcher series has majestically managed to meld the grit of the medieval ages with high fantasy; I think that it could be replicated here, or even improved upon.


1 versus 6
6 versus 6
…The result can be the same. The beauty of turn based strategy is that you can do precisely that: strategise. Larger four hex monsters could and would pose a challenge to the battle brothers. But no more than a band of bandit hunters, or an army of orcs. The fun would be in co-ordinating you battle brother to bring down the creature. Plus I have every faith that the devs could accomplish this in a fun and exciting way.


Looks like I’m jumping the gun. After very simply navigating the site I stumble on this:

The beast faction is not a typical faction as it is not united within itself. This faction consists of all kinds of dangerous and mystical creatures that roam the lands independently and threaten its inhabitants.

The first creature that is already in the game is the werewolf. These half human and half wolf creatures always travel in packs and are not hindered by darkness at night. They are extremely fast and although they do not use weapons or armor they are absolutely deadly when using their fangs and claws.

As time goes on more and more creatures will be added to this faction.

Looking forward to seeing how the devs handle this faction :)