Reply To: An end game?

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Ulrich! Don’t you remember the “Inverse Female Armor Rule” in ALL fantasy gaming?

“The protection a female receives from armor is inversely proportional to the amount of skin the armor covers.” It surely follows that female warriors in full armor get taken out by a small stick, but naked female warriors cannot be damaged by normal melee weapons! :-P

IF they do females, I’d like to see a small number of actual warriors, a slightly larger number of missile specialists, but mostly support personnel like cooks, medics & “ladies of the night” that grant strength, health, & morale bonuses respectively … if you can afford them!

Ummm … this is totally off topic!

As far as an end game goes, the only one I can picture is the eventual slaughter of all the humans, based on how hard it is to kill Orc Warriors and Warlords. Assuming I could survive an End Game (VERY shaky assumption!), I’d like to see something like the Total War series does … you can just keep on going if you want … or maybe move to a new game map? It would be nice to start a game with a kick-ass company!

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