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Action points and Fatigue are two different things but (most) actions require both. If you run out of fatigue you can’t do anything. You recover 15 fatigue every turn, 20 with iron lungs and there are some perks and traits that reduce fatigue usage (weapon mastery, pathfinder, athletic). Different weapons use more or less fatigue. A normal dagger or knife attack uses 7 fatigue, so you will always be able to attack twice with it. 1-h Swords with weapon mastery also only use 8 fatigue per attack. Orc cleavers are so heavy that they build up extra fatigue so without cleaver mastery or iron lungs trait you might not be able to attack even once.
Fatigue is really the bottleneck here and I think it’s a bit too punishing the way it works now. I can just recommend you give your guys swords and spears at the start since they only use 10 fatigue per attack. Spear- and Shieldwall take up a ton of fatigue so use them sparingly.