Reply To: Weapon / armor selection

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In an effort to, perhaps, help categorize the additions, there could be cosmetic additions and actual gameplay affecting additions.

As already mentioned, some of these weapons are similar in purpose to weapons that are already in the game; the military pick and the two handed warhammer, for example, serve the same purpose of destroying armor. Claymores and greatswords serve the same purpose also.

The weapons that are designed for two-weapon fighting (like main gauches or parrying daggers in general) require two-weapon fighting to be implemented to see use. Which means design work in terms of making sure there’s a benefit to two-weapon fighting instead of just doing single-weapon and using the Duelist or Nimble perks to essentially get the same benefit without having to find and maintain two weapons for the user in general.

Would also note that hide armor is already in the game, it’s just Direwolf Hide Armor. Which is to say, not something you typically use at the moment except for a Sergeant in the group, as the Rusty Chainmail from bandits have more armor points for the same range of max fatigue penalty.