Reply To: Are fights scaling to company size properly?

Avatar photoWargasm

I was trying to explain a fairly cheap setup that would work. 300+ armor with battle forged would work too as long as you do not take too many hits, especially from guards. I still think reach advantage is the most essential perk for any 2hander build. My best soldiers can get to 100-120 melee defense with reach advantage stacks.

Certainly it would be silly not to pick it if you’ve already got a berserker with very high melee defence. But mine was a wildman with crap defence skills but 3-star melee talent and masses of hit-points, fatigue and resolve, and some magical body-armour providing close to 400 protection, as well as a shielded supporting caste to occupy the guards.

I had another wildman whose head+body armour value was close to 800, so that the Battle Forged bonus was close to 40% and it was equivalent to having over 1000 armour (just as well, since his defence skills were both negative for much of his career). With that kind of protection, you need to get hit many times with large weapons before your hit points are threatened. So, provided melee skill and max fatigue are high, anything that’s close enough is likely to be devastated before you’re in any real trouble.