Reply To: UI error: equip drag&drop

Avatar photoRahziel

Funny thing: I created a New Game just to test it and tried to reproduce it right after first tutorial battle, but cant reproduce it there, Save as TEST. Then Load my save (see above) where it happens all the time, reproduce it – 100% works. Then Load the TEST save from escape menu and after opening inventory all stuck items from previous load still visible! They disappear only if I quit to main menu.

On another save from different playthrough this bug can be reproduced too..

I suppose one of those: amount of Brothers (15) / items in inventory (60+) / length of playthrough (as much as 20d) have some kind of effect on it.
I was able to reproduce it on other saves fulfilling these requirements too.

Here’s interesting fact: another save “3-skull Cemetery”(20d, 15 bros, 60 item) – load and can’t reproduce right away. Open town, take quest, exit town and now reprodeces 100%… Though sometimes it works even without accepting a quest – a real mystery.