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Avatar photoMike

So what is the rational behind all the fatigue rules?

The heavier your gear gets, the more tiring is to do anything – not only attacking but also defending yourself or even walking. As a person can only do so much strenous actions before needing a rest more fatigue per action means less actions available before you get exhausted and need to catch your breath.

Putting on a helmet and armor does make you tired.

I guess you meant “doesn’t”? Depending on the armor it actually may, but more importantly any actual armor – and not a decorative cosplay piece – needs to have some padding underneath the actual protective layer, if only to prevent abrasions of the skin from the armor itself. Padding = insulation, add to that the increased strain on your body from having to move around with bonus weight and you have a recipe for heat exhaustion even without actual combat going on.

And I do speak from personal experience, used to participate in a reconstruction group using historically-accurate gear. Just walking around in a chainmail during events was a b**** anytime but early spring.

It should increase the fatigue when you do things.

True, but keeping the same fatigue cost and decreasing fatigue total instead is easier to track for the players – as you get familiar with the game you memorize how much fatigue each action costs and can plan ahead accordingly. If the cost was increased by % depending on the gear you’d have to check it every time. Simpler is better in this case.

Also, swinging weapons does not tire you that fast.

Ever gave it a try? And I don’t mean splitting some wood? Depending on the weapon just holding proper guard can be quite tiresome, as the length of it essentially works as a lever – and not a one in your favour. Proper attack needs both speed and force behind it and is thus using strength of entire body – often clad in heavy & hot armor – not just the arm. Again the difference between the real thing and a scripted show is tremendous.

OK this whole reply is getting too long already but making the main point without proper explanation would border on trolling.

The point being: please refrain from making exaggerated judgements and statements if you have nothing more that your gut feeling and videogame experience to support them.