Reply To: Advice on Direwolves

Avatar photoRahziel

Don’t take hits – feed ’em spears!
Riposte has -10% hitchance without mastery, also you need high melee defence for it to work (enemy must attack and miss, but on day 4 you’ll hardly have decent melee defence), and in the end you will strike back only 3 times if all hits from a direwolf miss.
Spearwall on the other hand don’t require you to even have a shield to work (if you’re too poor, but it’s a risky gamble), and it will inflict as much as 6 hits since direwolves have 12 ap (thus 6 moves), while denying their ability to hurt your men. Also it does more morale checks and make ’em flee sooner.
Lastly, crossbows and bows only good until they can be used without aim obstruction penalty, after that they’re a hindrance.

So once the battle starts and the direwolves didn’t reach your frontline – spearwall and let ’em come.
If some of them did reach melee range – shieldbash or push away with pitchforks, and then spearwall..