Reply To: Three major suggestions and a couple minor ones

Avatar photoRahziel

1) Tutorial is needed, but should be implemented either as a Scenario(s), or as an optional thing in the beginning of the game with narrative not involving any characters, maybe even as a link to some kind of User Guide included in gamefiles as PDF or online version, but not as a video (spare me that). Tutorial should be laconic explaining things precisely and concisely, pointing out the things which might not be obvious to the new players, as an unbiased teacher giving a lesson about every aspect of the game, not as a passionate storyteller’s tale.
And it shouldn’t be mandatory – the player should have an option to disable tutorial completely before starting a new game.

2) That would be hard to implement since there is no such feature as saving of battle scene. There is no such mechanism so it would need to be created from scratch.
To amend your objurgation with the current implementation of system in a different way, maybe the enemy party should ‘pick up’ all things dropped by your mercs and have it with themselves, until the time when you engage them again and get everything back, if you win that is.

3) I agree, “Always Focus AI Movement” camera’s behavior should be polished. Though, the only thing I can blame it for is focusing on the tile where the enemy wants to go , but fails to do so because of being interrupted by opportunity attacks (most common with direwolves).

4) I don’t know the inner workings of revival mechanics for characters being downed in a fight, so I can’t even speculate on chances and probabilities here, much less on how resolve should affect it.
But let’s suppose it’s working by your assumption.. What would you do then if my character have 120 resolve (46 base, fearless, 3star resolve and fortified mind)? Should he be near-immortal having exorbitant values giving him almost no chance to stay dead unless his head is chopped off?

5) I’m against it. That Game is about a Mercenary Company, not about a company Captain himself and his adventures with a merry band of henchmen. So it shouldn’t matter if he died. So what? A new Captaion will be appointed (as it portrayed in Hogart the Weasel scenario), that’s all there is to it.
The Company’s Captain as an outside character living behind the scenes shouldn’t exist too – it’s odd that he kind of exists, but when the last man under his command dies the company is finished and it’s game over. As if he’s saying: “oh, f*ck it, I’m done with it!” – and disappears with all gold and swag.
The ‘Captain’ as he is portrayed right now can’t die – he never takes part in the battles, he should be able to return to town in current setting and recruit new mercs to do his biddings then, ain’t he!? These kind of incogruities are bad for creating immersion and Player’s own stories about their companies.
To avoid rewriting tons of text in contracts and events after getting rid of The ‘behind the scenes Captain‘ we could assume the acting leader of company is someone among the ranks, but his name is never mentioned in interactions, being always called the Captain, the Leader or something..