Reply To: The Perfect Mercenary Band

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End game I generally aim for as many 2-handers as possible, if I can find recruits with iron lungs I give them mansplitters, otherwise great swords is the preferred weapon, toss in the odd unique great axe that I’ve found.

In a 18 man squad i usually run 10 men with two handed weapons, then the rest is split between skirmishers, archers and officers / polearms, the skrimishers have throwing weapons and shield, to function as a quasi ranged unit where that is beneficial, mostly vs goblins, generally I run 3 pikemen, 2 archers and the rest frontliners with great weapons or the skrimishers to rotate as injuries require.

This functions very well vs any enemy, then you can tailor it vs specific foes, as man archers and skirmishers as possible vs goblins, less archers vs undead etc.