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I think a screenshot will talk from itself :
30 orcs and no loss

As said above, two handed warriors are a priority in end game. To do so, very heavy armours and great melee skills will be needed.
( skills : Skills Topic)

The backgrounds I am using are all conditioning by the fact that they never demand more compensation.
So they end up with 18-20 daily paid at level 11.
=> Total warband : 15 * 20 = 300 gold/day.

With that I can play indefinitely with high benefits.

So my band is composed by 15 brothers :
* the 3 first brothers => (two melee warriors + one expert bowman).
* X monks expert in two among “melee skill”, “defense melee skill” or “fatigue” and used to pacified flagelant and heal superstitious warriors.
* 1 flagelant expert in bravery and range skill => bowman + captain (resolve > 100).
* X flagelants expert in two among “melee skill”, “defense melee skill” or “fatigue”.
* X wildmen expert in two among “melee skill”, “defense melee skill” or “fatigue”.
* 1 bowyer temporally expert in archery to make a special bow if success.

Cons :
they will be theological debate but most end well ;)

If enemies are armoured or immune to arrows or surpassing me in range fight (ie orcs warriors/skeletons) => captain + 11 melee brothers (at night)
if not => captain + 3 archers + 8 melee brothers (during daylight).
I never use crossbows or any throw weapon because it’s too much click even if all my brothers have quick hands to optimise damage from shield/one hand to two-handed weapons.


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