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Also adding visible slots with items inside backpacks so people know what soldier carry and for fast switch without switching view to inventory will be great.

Makes sense to me. That particular placement wouldn’t quite work out because the character names are too long, though. We’ll have to focus on bugfixing and tweaking the game for the next two weeks or so, as I’m quite sure a bunch of problems will now appear that our fairly limited group of testers has never experienced before. Once the dust from the release has settled a bit, we can look into it.

BTW Any chance for consumables?
Like bottle of vodka to boost morale(with some penalty) or bandages to stop bleeding?

Well, we won’t have common consumables like vodka or bandages. Bandaging wounds in the middle of a medieval battle feels quite a bit off and would break the feeling of fast and deadly combat for us. Healing, or even just stopping the bleeding, is something to do outside of combat on the worldmap. That said, we may add some less common consumables in time. If there’s ever a magical ‘healing potion’ in the game, it won’t be one bought in a shop, but a very rare item gotten via some quest or so that you’ll have to think very carefully about when to use.

Could Battle Brothers start with one bag slot? The perk that doubles your bag slots isn’t that tempting at the moment, because two slots are enough, and having four is overkill.

I’m inclined to agree. As with the suggestion by Sarissofoi, it’ll have to wait a bit until we can get around to handling this.

BTW Can you carry spare quivers with bolts/arrows?


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