Reply To: Considering the War Bow vs. the Heavy Crossbow

Avatar photoGlyphGryph

So what you’re saying is that the damage is actually applied twice, once to armor and THEN once to health? So if a weapon said it does 60 damage (no armor pen, 100% effective vs. armor), it actually does (potentially) 120 damage total? 60 to armor and then, if the armor is destroyed, 60 more to health?

I guess that would explain why the final shreds of armor falling seem to offer so little protection and lead to a surprisingly big chunk of health being knocked off.

That isn’t how the dev log described it working (the one with the 10% number) but I agree that system seems like it would match what I’ve seen in game more accurately.

That would mean that any armor that’s less than the armor damage done by an attack has absolutely no effect at preventing health?

Considering how ineffective cloth is despite claiming to offer a certain amount of protection, that would make sense.