Reply To: Considering the War Bow vs. the Heavy Crossbow


So what you’re saying is that the damage is actually applied twice, once to armor and THEN once to health? So if a weapon said it does 60 damage (no armor pen, 100% effective vs. armor), it actually does (potentially) 120 damage total? 60 to armor and then, if the armor is destroyed, 60 more to health?

Not exactly as above, because, if a weapon did ZERO damage ignoring armour, it wouldn’t get applied a second time and so would still just do 60 damage. If 10% of its 60 damage ignored armour, and the target hit had 60 armour, then the armour would be destroyed and 6 hit points would be taken.

You’d actually be surprised by how well bandit/brigand bandanas (20 armour) sometimes protect them against the first headshot with a flail.