Reply To: Headhunter seems like an absolutely worthless perk?

Avatar photoWanderer

Depending on how you look at it, if you’re already at 80% head-hit rate, that means going up to 90% cuts the chances of getting a body hit in half, whereas going from 10 to 20% is not really a noticeable difference.

With how current enemies are, however, I don’t take headhunter on my heavy armor characters, because their either A. focused on defense or B. two-handers that are spending all of their perks on more noticeable offense effects, like Berserk for getting two Splits on the greatsword character, Killing Spree, and Recover because getting consistent double-splits in one turn racks up fatigue pretty quickly.

Edit: If it was 10% additional head hit chance on miss or body hit, it would make the perk a lot more valuable; as it is, due to enemies with high evasion chances (Necro-Savants, shield Legionnaires), Fast Adaptation is the go-to general offense perk in the low levels.