Reply To: [Beta] Ranged hit chances / damage are just insane

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<stop and think about potential solutions>

Better contract rewards. FAIR PAY. Some contracts could pay half/or whole company upkeep(or at last for a front-liners).
More loot items. When conquering locations enemies I want RICHES.
Maybe nerf armor penetrations/effectiveness against armor? A little? Or buff starting armors(give them more armor at bigger fatigue cost and worse fatigue/armor ratio?)
Reduce visibility penalty for helmets? At last some. This would help archers and really some of penalties don’t have much sense.
Make early levels have bigger stats grown and double perks when late levels lower stat grow and no perk(so end perk build are reached faster but there still place for improvement)? Or make leveling faster?
Some utility perks(like rotation or footwork) could be move lower(as they increase control over company and give more options but not offer straight offensive or defensive buffs).

BTW VETERAN HALL and Prestige(over 11) levels are a joke. Sad joke.
Cost of exp boost scale with level and it small and short lived(ergo it would make more sense to give these boost to the Temples) and where is my perk respec or reroll attributes or straight level buying? There could be possibility to buy some stat increasing traits or maybe even special active skills that would enhance gameplay and what we get is some boost that is hardly used.

Some contracts could offer a decent advance sum, plus one set of tools/supplies, one set of ammunition, one set of medicinal supplies and (if there’s a temple) whatever temple costs are required to treat any injuries incurred on the town’s behalf. Oh, and free drinks to enhance morale before battle.

Any weapon or intact armour belonging to a foe slain in battle should be available as loot. It doesn’t make sense that someone with a billhook dies on an adjacent tile but you fail to take it as loot.

Since all backgrounds have been given more ranged skill, all backgrounds should also get more hit points to buff against injuries in the early game when decent armour is scarce.

I remember suggesting that earlier level-ups should allow you to increase a greater number of attributes, with the number gradually decreasing as you get on. I’d certainly like it if you also got double perks for the first few levels, even if that meant an earlier finishing level. I’m always impatient to create builds and agonize over several equally useful perks.

There could be some consumable items for sale that (on ingestion in battle) enhance mood, harden resolve and reduce hit point damage (even if at the expense of lower defence skills), which would be useful in the early game when people are probably going to get hit anyway. Enhanced mushrooms, basically.