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Will the game eventually be translated into German, French, Spanish and so on? I’m particularly interested in a German version.

We’d like to support additional languages further down the road but won’t be able to do so anytime soon. Reasons are resource constraints and the game still being in a very fluid state where we constantly change out texts and try different things. The fact that many texts in the game are procedurally generated also doesn’t make translations any easier. *If* we add support for additional languages, German will be one of them for sure, as we’re German ourselves.

If you buy the game right now, do you have the option of waiting for a DRM-free version to become available before making use of your purchase? That is to say, I want to support development, but I vehemently dislike steam (especially with what they’re doing to modding right now), so a way of supporting you by buying the game, while being able to wait for a DRM-free version to become available, would be ideal.

No, sorry. The game will be playable on Steam only for now, and what you purchase is a Steam key. While we want to have a DRM-free version eventually, it could take a while.

Do you have any rough estimations on how long the game will be in Early Access?

We estimate to be in Early Access for approximately one year.

Are there any plans of trying to get on GoG after Early Access? I remember you mentioning looking into platforms that don’t have DRM on the frontpage. Is GoG one of those?

Yes, once the game is done we’ll definitely contact them.

Will there be a retail version? I’m guessing not, but I would much prefer something like that to purchasing it online. Preferable in a nice box. With a manual. Oh, and a stylised, early-medieval cloth map while I’m dreaming.


Really looking forward to the finished product (with all the expansions, of course) with the the game really shaping up to have grit, without resorting to grimdark.


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