Reply To: Weapon carrying capacity

Avatar photoRap

I’m of the same opinion. This is a point where gameplay and usability are more important than realism, and even then, the realism point is debatable if we’re talking two-handed weapons in general. It’d be confusing to have some weapons be placeable in the bag but not others for reasons not necessarily transparent to the player, and as GOD pointed out, we’d kill off some interesting tactical options that are just now evolving. I don’t really get the fascination with carrying around 3 Billhooks to begin with, but I don’t see it as unbalanced in any case, which would be my primary concern. If we were to implement that fatigue penalty described above it would mean that while some guy could in theory carry 3 Billhooks at the same time he could hardly fight anymore, which works for me.

I’d personally go with reducing the slots to 1/3 at this time and possibly introducing the fatigue penalty unless you guys have an even better idea.

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