Reply To: Late Crises Discussion

Avatar photoHuman Warlord

Well i beat up the undead crisis so what will be if player complitly ignore the crisis? Will it solwe by itself?
As i understood i taken quest from noble house and thay sended me to some dangeons/captured cities and i captured some artifact for them, in another quest i defended the city from siege and i chosen the “defead undead crisis ambition(winning)” and the game said that i win, so i beaten it because of this noble houses quests or ambition or both?

I must say i really dissapointed with this crisis thing it really feels kinda short or dont feels at all.I dont want to say that the fights was easy but all was kinda to simple?Like go kill this or kill that! i want some adventure! something like find the misterious tomb ( and you must find it comletely yourself by searching the map on your two, finding clues maps ancient artifacts that you can bear in your iventory) of undead emperor and defeat him or something.

So i dont really undrestand will crisis bee infinite if i dont interferre or what? If undead will have atleast one captured city will they be ok?