Reply To: Necrosavants vs Caravan Donkey

Avatar photomrbunnyban

So i taken quest on guarding caravan with three skulls difficulity and 4000 crowns, and after some time caravan gets attacked (in night time) with NINE necrosavants, but the troble is that my team spawned too far away from donkey surrounded by necrosavants and necrosavants killing donkey in seconds (not mentioning me) even so i beaten them but how in the frigging world i must save this stupid donkey??? Or is this quest actually designet to loose?

Got this one and I have to agree, there is NO WAY any player is going to succeed in protecting the donkey in this scenario. Even if the donkey spawned in the middle of the brothers it would be really tough to protect such a big helpless thing, much less the donkey being so far away. Setting up a failure scenario feels unfair.