Reply To: Late Crises Discussion

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I played Noble Houses War crisis and now have some idea of how it looks. Actually it felt like there was more going on than in two other crises, they used their units to attack each others, hired mercenaries, etc. But I failed that crisis in a very harsh way. Here is how it played out. I won a battle against 21 noble house soldiers unit on the road (4 of them were dogs actually). Sure I had some injures and lost 2 1-2 lvl newbs (other brothers were mostly 7-11 lvl). I moved to largest city of my allied noble house to get new men heal and repair. But it turned out impossible. Each day, or even twice a day new enemy’s units attacked the city and I have to fight on my own. Every time that was 19 soldiers unit and in last battle there was even knight. And my noble house didn’t even try to protect the citadel or there were no soldiers left for him, I don’t know. Sure, with no possibility to repair armor and heal wounds and injures my company was finally destroyed in, I guess, 3 days of unstoppable siege. And that’s the largest city, why enemies can send troops each day and my noble house can’t? The other thing is that before that I completed two “Large battle” contracts, where you have war camp and fight with your allies against other noble house. So, if we destroyed their forces twice they should be weakened, shouldn’t they? But they still have lots of soldiers spawning every day.
I don’t know how game’s economy and demography is supposed to work, but it doesn’t seem that it works correctly now.
And again about lack of information, while I was busy making contracts in that city, other large city of my Noble House were captured by enemy and I had no idea that it was going on and no contracts to protect that city from siege, are there even such types of contacts?