Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

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I think Executioner might be good on heavy hitting weapons in combination with a spearwall with crippling strikes maybe. Especially against those mega Nachzehrers that seem to have about 400-500 hp.

I tried lone wolf on a guy with a 2h-axe who was supposed to annihilate everything with round swing. Even with the bonus though, round swing doesn’t hit anything even at 100 or so melee skill maybe FA would help. In the end he died and I never used the perk again.

Polearm mastery seems like a utter waste of a perk point. Even if they change it to “repel and hook will never ever miss again” it might still not be worth it.

Headhunter might work on archers, but the only decent use I see would be on some guy with a named 1h-axe (since 50% dmg bonus to head) that has an extra 10% to hit head or a flail with 20%. Also.. Enemies have 2 different kinds of armor. Headhunter would distribute damage more evenly and possibly even prolong their survivability. Against raiders without head armor I recommend to just go for headshots with flails since they are way more reliable.
Might also work with weapons that penetrate armor – named orc cleaver with duelist perk f.e.

Gifted I only use for trash troops now without talents or nothing – it is one of the strongest perks in the early game but loses it’s value as they level up. Wouldn’t a respec function be nice.. Oh what many great things the veteran hall could have been..

Recovery is definitely a decent-ish perk but then again, there is the Iron Lungs trait. In the end I will try to have people with either iron lungs or very high max fatigue and weapon mastery. Aside from direwolves the new fatigue mechanic doesn’t really seem that overpowered but still SO unnecessary

5. Head Hunter – flat bonus would be more predictable overall, but current model allows you to prioritize where do you want to have better probability o headshot. Not using it either way, so I guess buff is in order. Then again – enemies using this would be terrifying, at least without Steel Brow.

Easy fix: just don’t give that perk to enemies. It baffles me why enemy trash troops have as many perks as they do. Sure, bandit leaders and hedge knights, etc. make sense. But why do some random raiders have rotation skill? The player can unlock this at level 6 but raiders seem to have that from the get go. The enemy usually has numbers advantage, so WHY do they have the perk advantage as well?
When I read “Changed Bandit Poachers to no longer have the Bullseye perk.” in the patch notes, I wasn’t really sure if I should laugh or cry because it boggled my mind that they had this perk in the first place. And I suppose bandit marksmen and goblins still have bulls-eye, yes?