Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

Avatar photole_souriceau

Another consideration with all this: wounds and morale oriented feats, feat/maneuvering combos (even “lighter weapons”) somewhat inflated by new pseudoroman ancient undead (hardest enemy in late game IMHO). As for me, with them only heavy protection and brutal damaging power really works. You need to kill em fast. They very armored, have good melee protection (shielded guys) and deadly accurate with heavy weapons (pikemen). No morale or fatigue. And mages, who can destroy any tricky formation by gas spell or compromise plans with fear spell.

After several runs (when my arse was totaly smashed), I prefer to have ultra-heavy shieldwall with stupid brick-like guys who grind everything with hammers/axes. With feats only working for this. 4 archers to cover this clumsy brutes from anything fast and ranged (ocasianaly help in spliting shields from behind).

No fantasy or finesse at all. Fancy combos work fine (may be) until you stomped hard by this udead romans.