Reply To: Nimble perk: build advice

Avatar photonope100500

I don’t use nimble builds myself, so this is theory-craft.

I think ‘strong’ perk is the key.
Dagger (0) + named leather armor/helmet (within 20 budget) + strong (-10) => about 80% nimble remaining.

Stat-wise I’d go for usual Melee and both defenses, plus fatigue on bad rolls for 3 primary stats. Rest just must good enough from recruitment. You need other stats, but can’t skimp on attack or defenses.
Def from dodge is nice, but even best initiative roll of 6 gives you 6*0.15 = 0.9 of both defs, that is lost on 1st hit.
Directly taking even 2 point-roll of def gives more and won’t go away on 1st hit.
You’ll have enough initiative to go first against most enemies due to light armor anyway, I think.

Finding right recruit is going to be hell though – talents in melee att and least one of defenses, with decent starting values in all other stats and ‘strong’ trait.