Reply To: Does duelist apply to thrown weapons?

Avatar photomrbunnyban

It’s basically two more perks – duelist and throwing weapons – on my archers, who no longer need perks to help them with polearms.

Then they can actually help when fighting skeletons!

Throwing axes may be considered projectiles, which skeletons resist anyway?

For some reason I thought skeletons resisted like, bolts and arrows. Didn’t think throwing axes would be included. I guess if it’s projectiles that would still make sense as to why spears work okay with them and, yeah, I guess that makes that thought worthless.

Again, I have bad news for you.

From the wiki:
“Extremely resistant to ranged attacks (80%) [1]
Resistant to piercing attack (50%) (avoid lances and switch billhooks/pikes for goblin halberd)”

Other than the weapons mentioned, I think Long Axes are good, but not spears and daggers.

Edit: Even better, from the dev’s mouth:

“Skeletons have a 50% resistance against spears and daggers, and 80% resistance against ranged weapons. Maces and Swords inflict roughly the same damage to their health, depending on the type of mace and sword of course, but maces crush their armor faster.”