Reply To: Survey: Repairs at blacksmith

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they are not expensive for any early/ mid company at all, allow me to explain:

in early/ mid game the main crown source is those weapon looted from dead bandits, after fully repaired the selling price for each of those will be from 100c to 500c, depends on the type, and 1 set of tool supply will fix you a lot of weapons, which means you will be filthy rich. :D

Oh I was talking about the instant repair function at the weaponsmith or armorer buildings. Idk for weaponsmiths tbh because weapons repair fast enough as it is and don’t use a lot of tools.
For early and mid companies the repair function is costly and kind of unnecessary, but on a late game company where my frontliners are waring 300+ armor it can take forever to repair them with tools so I sometimes just go to an armorer and repair it instantly for 900 crowns or so.
They are also helpful for contracts like caravan escort or settlement defense where you have to fight multiple parties.

They also lowered the prices of tools in one of the recent patches, at least on expert and we can carry 150 tools too. So yeah reparing weapons for extra cash is great.