Reply To: Revised Dodge too powerful?

Avatar photoGlyphGryph

So now dodge’s 15% of current initiative bonus to defence that lasts forever and never fades. Getting hit no longer removes the bonus, though accumulating fatigue would reduce it throughout the battle.

It’s reduced by things like armor and fatigue. You’re either sacrificing armor to get a good sized bonus or accepting a lesser one, and even then it quickly fades over the course of a battle.

Underdog has morale penalty negation as well, but let’s put that aside. Each enemy other than the first adds a -5 defence penalty (melee defence only?). A brother could possibly be surrounded by 6 enemies, so this bonus negates anywhere from -5 to -25 penalty. It’s pretty rare for anything more than -10 however; a brother surrounded by more than 3 enemies is probably going to die regardless.

Defensive builds can regularly be intentionally surrounded by more than three enemies.

Dodge adds to both ranged and melee defence. A lightly armored backline unit could easily maintain around 100 initiative with minor investment into the stat, and since they have such high ranged defence it’s quite likely no one will even try to shoot them. At 100 initiative, the brother would have +15 to both defences. A crossbow user could maintain low fatigue levels and thus not lose much of that bonus throughout the fight.

This (and lightly armored swordsmen) is where it obviously shines, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

I think the bigger things is that anticipation is relatively weak by comparison and could use a buff. Basing it on your base ranged defense is just painful.