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I don´t think that would play out. If you would see the possible candidates with their backgrounds + equip you would simply choose the strongest best equipped guys. This is not the way it is intended to be. You shall start with imperfect men.

A solution to that would be to not show what gear they’ll get and what traits they have. So just the bust + background. Kind of like how you hire them, but without being to see their gear. I’m not sure whether you can even get all backgrounds when starting a new game, so something like the squire background might not even come up. I agree though that the point of something like this should not be to try and minmax your starting party.

But what I would welcome is being able to choose how my starting 3 look. You can already choose the names of your mercs, which is nice to have, but you are stuck with their faces 😀 While I think it is easy to get another name just by calling yourself with another name it is hard to get a different look.
So my suggestion would be to let the player choose how his starting brothers look completely with no limitations if he so wishes, but let him choose only beards and hairstyles afterwards for them and any other mercs he might hire. So the player gets more customization while it stays relatively realistic in the actual game.

-Wish I could get my hair back with just a click xD-

You mean like just seeing the head and being able to customise it? I personally prefer some randomness in the character generation. Being able choose their appearance feels rather gamey. More gamey than choosing their names, since it’s so visible.

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