Reply To: Upgrading the Battle Standard

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it ought to be possible to avoid the ambition (…)

I disagree. At the beginning you always have a couple different ambitions to choose from, if you’re left with only the “battle standard” one it means you’re far enough into the game that 2.5k really shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you’re playing on the top difficulty, but then it’s meant to be punishingly hard.

how about give the battle standard the ability that those goblin overseers have?

I don’t think it would really fit – the overseers lash their subordinates, so it’s “inspiring” by pain and fear rather than pride or honor – fitting for the green sneaky gitz or soviet comissars, but not a mercenary band that’s supposed to be connected by ties of friendship and mutual respect.

well, lash is indeed not necessary, but what about our bannerguy wave the banner then make one of the brother super confidence? making the banner the only via left to rally the brothers’s moral higher than steady would be nice(i think the new version of rally the troop is nerfed that it wont get any of our guy’s moral higher than steady).