Reply To: Random stat gain = throwing brothers away?

Avatar photoMike

it encourages players to throw away brothers who have no talent and have poor stat gain rolls in the primary stats they want

Yeah, well… that’s pretty much the whole point, innit? Main focus of the game is creating an effective fighting force, why would you keep a short-sighted clumsy oaf? I mean, you could do it as a kind of a self-imposed challenge, but it doesn;t make much sense gameplay-wise.

makes me pretty sad for the early farmhands and fishermen I hire who have become veterans as they need to be discarded

No reason why a talented bro of a decent background can’t stay with you until endgame. A good farmhand can make a better fighter than a weak brawler, it’s all about who gets more favour from the RNG.

My fantasy of building a band of professional mercs from a band of brothers with humble beginnings is ruined.

A bit too heavy on the drama for my taste. The game is far from impossible to play with suboptimal backgrounds and builds, if you have a dream that you wish to pursue by all means do so, just accept that you will have a harder time doing so than someone who plays the game as intended.