Reply To: Character Generation

Avatar photoTrig

I agree on implementing some sort of character generation for your first 3 characters.

I don’t think former millers, grave diggers, deserters on the run would be starting a mercenary company. They’d join it later, sure, but usually it’s ex-soldiers that start such businesses. As it currently is, I just kept restarting the game until I got the first 3 that I was generally able to identify with, which is not th emost optimal way to go about it.

So the player could likely be given a character setup menu where he can mix’n’match his the head of a character, pick the name, possibly write a short background, then select from several military/noble/business-like main backgrounds (better ones, with better gear, like ex-militia, ex-soldier, swordsmaster, errand knight, disowned noble cost more to maintain or even take away more of your starting cash than if you pick some less prestigious ones at start) and one or two additional characteristics, where if you pick a negative one, you can pick a better positive one. Fallen Enchantress had this very nicely done when designing your starting character. You get 2 points to spend on characteristics. But if you pick a negative one, you get an extra point. Something like that…