Reply To: Early game far too hard.

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@sekata, yes I pretty much agree with everything you said. I do try to get to 12 men asap but other things like losses and gear become a real issue in the new early game.
I think you hit the nail with your comment about the meat grinder and my tolerance to it, I just hate the feeling of moving backwards in a game’s progression even when I am playing as well as could be expected given the “OVERLY” random aspects of the game.

It doesn’t feel like I am playing well, to lose 2 or 3 guys per fight even using the best tactics and spending my money as wisely as possible.
And RIP any idea of making your squad to follow a specific strategy like all ranged or all 2 handed, because the game does not give you enough freedom to try any of this because your scraping by as it is, lucky to gain even a few brothers in a few hours of play.