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Avatar photoSekata

@Namespace So that’s something that needs to be fixed as well imo. What’s the real point of taking contracts with orcs if you can get the same money elsewhere? To be fair, there is some incentive to remove the marauding green skin condition on a settlement. Not sure it’s enough though, especially if the settlement doesn’t produce something vital to the company, and few settlements do. Most items can be acquired elsewhere with no issue.

Sounds like 2 things need to be incentivized:
*Orc combat- not worth the risk currently
*Borderland location sites- not work the risk currently

Usually when I destroy one of those sites I might, maybe, perhaps get a gold coin or an ancient tome. That’s hardly worth having to replace a level 7 brother that got his head cut off, and again, named weapons/armor can be purchased from armories. They’re even more common after a caravan run.

Also, it makes sense that traveling in difficult terrain should cost more food. Camping on a mountainside for a better view during the night should not.

On an unrelated note, are fallen heroes supposed to get back up after having their heads removed? I thought it was meant to be that way for a second, but then a headless fallen hero used bite…