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I’ll mention only the ones I think need tweaking; the ‘good’ ones are omitted! ;)

The Recover perk is lamentably weak, and favors large pools… allow it to flush 50% of max, not *current* fatigue.

The Adrenaline perk is extremely situational… rework it so it expands maximum Action Points by +5 for 2 rounds.

The Pathfinder perk is quite underwhelming… have it remove *all* penalties from traversing difficult terrain.

Rework Fortified Mind to give a static boost (percentages favor Brothers who’ve already invested in the skill).

Steel Brow is somewhat lackluster… buff it a tiny bit by also making it give stun immunity (but not net/root).

Merge the Bags & Belts and Quick Hands perks into a single one… separately, neither warrant a precious point.

Buff Lone Wolf… exposing Brothers is a death sentence, so at least make it tantalizing (+30%, instead of +15%).

Rework Nimble. Damage reduction with light armor is counter-intuitive, inefficient, and risky; instead, make it give the character a buff called ‘Nimble’ which has 5 stacks – each time the character would have been damaged (ie., if an attack managed to penetrate their melee or ranged defense), one stack is used up and the character takes 0 damage… if all 5 stacks are used up, the next successful attack goes through normally… Characters automatically regenerate +1 stack per round, but stacks can never exceed 5/5! Finally, each +100 total armor on the character reduces their maximum stacks by -1 (so a Brother wearing a 200 chest & 200 helm could never exceed 1/1 stacks, and a brother with 300 chest & 200 helm would not get any stacks at all (it would say 0/0 in such a scenario)). This kind of system protects ‘naked’ characters, while also affording some use and versatility to lightly-armored ones who will roll into combat with 2/2 or even 3/3 stacks (also, characters start combat with their stacks full!).

Rework Indomitable. Turn it into a passive ability that bestows a stacking +10% damage resistance each time the Brother is damaged in combat. This incremental counter would grow to a maximum of 50% damage resistance, but it would also decay at a rate of -5% per turn… so basically, the more you get hit, the more resistant you become (up to a max of 50%) – but it ‘slides off’ and returns to +0% after a few turns of not taking damage… This would be a perfect perk for those unlucky front-liners in heavy armor that get shafted by RNG and end up with low melee/ranged def.

Make it so that characters with the Overwhelm perk cannot be overwhelmed themselves… Makes sense, thematically. And speaking of Overwhelm, it’s basically just an inverse Reach Advantage… To make it more unique and distinct, rework it so it debuffs *damage*, not hit-chance! This makes sense, mechanically, since you can still score a hit or two while overwhelmed, but the attack angle will be awkward and the force that’s generated will be diminished as a result (ergo, less damage). Also, make it stack up to -100% damage done (10 stacks of Overwhelm). Alternatively, make Overwhelm impart a -1AP penalty per stack (the tooltip description even says ‘…leaving few oppenings to effectively attackfor himself’). People _HATE_ missing attacks, but they wouldn’t whine nearly as much about a -dmg. debuff, or a limited -AP penalty.


If possible, add a few brand new, higher-level perks (the current ones are extremely situational, and thus quite unsatisfying):

Many of these would alleviate problems brought on by levelup RNG that punishes players with suboptimal stat rolls.

They’re rough ideas, so take what you like and ignore the rest! ;)

Note: [P] = Passive (always on; can’t be used) // [A] = Active (usable ability that must be activated in battle)

~ [P] Action Hero: gives the Battle Brother a permanent +1 Action Point (expanding their AP pool from 9 to 10)

~ [P] Indefatigable: gives the Brother a permanent Fatigue boost of +25 points, expanding their maximum fatigue

~ [P] Backswing: every time a Brother swinging a two-handed weapon misses, he gets 100% chance to re-roll *once*

~ [P] Rebound: every time a Brother with a one-handed weapon hits, he’s refunded 50% of the attack’s fatigue cost

~ [P] Quickshot: every time a Brother with a ranged weapon attacks, there’s a 25% chance no APs will be spent

~ [P] Juggernaut: increases the head and body contributions from armor by 33% (basically gives +33% more armor)

~ [P] Slippery: permanently makes the Brother immune to anything that hinders mobility, magically or otherwise!

~ [P] Immovable: permanently makes the brother immune to forced relocation (would be a godsend against the orcs)

~ [P] Dedicated: gives the Brother a one-time boost of +15 to their stat of choice (a la Gifted, but for 1 stat!)

~ [P] Manmower: the Brother is an expert at fighting humans; all attacks aimed at them are done with +20% accuracy

~ [P] Horde Hunter: the Brother is an expert at hunting greenskins; all damage dealt to them is increased by +33%

~ [P] Undead Slayer: the Brother is an expert at slaying undead; all weapons against them gain +50% armor penetration

~ [P] Followthrough: every time a Brother lands a melee attack, there’s a 25% chance to automatically land a follow-up

~ [P] Monkey Grip: use an unorthodox grip to wield 2H weapons… AP cost and damage of abilities are both reduced by 50%

~ [P] Pound of Flesh: any attack that would reduce a Brother’s HP by 20% (or more) of its total will instead do only half

~ [P] Spiked Carapace: the Brother’s armor is covered in spikes… when damaged by an adjacent enemy, it returns 33% dmg.

~ [P] Armor Sloping: every 4th attack that lands on the Brother will now automatically glance off their armor for no dmg.

~ [P] Instructor: after battles, every Brother (who’s lower level than the Instructor!) gains +15% XP from the encounter

~ [P] Titan: automatically makes the Brother roll ’10’ on his HP at every levelup (perk does nothing apart from HP rolls)

~ [P] Smithy: any weapon equipped/carried by the Brother loses durability much slower and costs less repair tools to mend

~ [P] Retrain: spend a perk point to allow the Brother to respec, once (this perk is greyed & unselectable afterwards!)

~ [P] Shifty: the Brother will never go above ‘Wavering’ morale, but gains the ability to ignore zone of control!

~ [P] Threatening: makes enemies much *more* likely to prioritize attacking this Brother, instead of his mates

~ [P] Camouflage: makes enemies much *less* likely to notice this character, and thus focus on attacking him

~ [P] Defender: grants the Brother a permanent +10 to Melee Defense and Ranged Defense (static values, not %)

~ [A] Incriminate: turns a human target against its allies! (1 use per battle, and can’t be used on bosses)

~ [A] Blitzkrieg: instantly restores the Brother’s Action Points back to full; can be used only once per battle

~ [A] Charge!!!: allows the Brother to move 9 tiles for free, without spending APs on movement {costs 25 fatigue}

~ [A] Enrage: doubles the Brother’s melee and ranged damage, but reduces all their defenses to 0 {10 fatigue; 1 turn}

~ [A] Warcry: 6-tile AoE radius; boosts accuracy of allies by 15% and nerfs damage of enemies by 30% {15 fatigue; 1 turn}

~ [A] #@?&%!: trash-talk one enemy, bringing into question their parentage (-50% accuracy, 5-hex range) {costs 9 fatigue}

~ [A] Evasion: the brother becomes unhittable by melee and range attacks for 1 turn, but can’t move/attack {costs 9 APs}

~ [A] Parry: doubles a Brother’s melee and ranged defenses for 1 turn; not usable with shield {costs 3 AP & 15 fatigue}

~ [P] Deathless: if a Brother dies, he will rise again as a Fallen Hero, with all his stats, skills, and perks intact, but will not be able to gain XP and progress any further (the Brother’s XP bar would be greyed out) [the Brother would also become immune to Fatigue loss and Morale change, like regular undead!](this perk also makes the Brother immune to zombification at the hands of hostile necromancers)