Reply To: Allow player to manually lower renown equivalent.

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@Sekata I know what you mean. That isn’t the issue here though. During EA we knew that difficulty scaled with renown. Now we have no clue how it scales. It is important to decide how to approach the game on higher difficulties.
How are we supposed to build a valid strategy on how to grow our company if we don’t know what to prioritize. In combat I know the rules. If I knew more about game mechanics I wouldn’t feel so chated because I would know what actually happened.
They can send me against OP enemies but at least I would like to know that this is because it was the intention of my contractor. Say I pissed them off because I cancelled a caravan escort quest when we got ambushed. Now they send me against Ancient Legionaires because they want to troll.

I agree, it is quite frustrating not to get an answer here.