Reply To: Early game far too hard.

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@namespace I’m willing to bet it was an option of the cleaver or the quest item. It’s the same design principle behind caravan quests that are carrying gems or offers of more gold for retrieved items from mysterious cloaked figures. Do you take the selfish short term boon, or fulfill the contract to maintain a good settlement relationship. I think you got out better with the cleaver. My thoughts would be different if allied relationships seemed to be worth a damn.

I had this event before. You can either go get the quest item and get out without a fight. You can go get the Cleaver too and not fight. And you can take the Cleaver and get a fight. If you win the fight, you get the quest item and the cleaver. If you retreat you only get the cleaver.

Supposedly, if this event doesn’t happen and you get attacked you can retreat and still have obtained the quest item. My question was if that is still happens or if they fixed this.