Reply To: [FEEDBACK] 700+ Hours Total In BB

Avatar photolaViper

Wow good list with a lot of good ideas.

About Recover, I think this perk can be passive and restore as now 5% + 5% * (remained AP). You can restore 50% as now by skiping turn, or restore 10% after two attacks.

Also I think it will be good, if Role Play in game becomes more frequent and influential. More events and features for different brothers.
Why my thieves don’t try to steal somethink in villages for party? Or may be butchers and hunters can give me meat (food) after killing wolfs. It gives more options to game.
And what about different skill-tree (just change place of 2-3 skills) or may be unique skills for roles? Thief can take backstab early, hunters – bulleye, but beggars can’t have colossus.