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Sekata, it is “Open World” and Game doesn’t have any borders – sometimes you can jump into hole :)
This problem is lack of information, you didn’t know how Necrosavants strong are. You should explore game on beginner difficulty level, and after that game gives you interesting part of playing – estimation power of your and emenys troop.

Now I play Expert-Ironman, I had a lot trys ended before 10th day came, but it’s very unbelieveable when you have to run from strong enemy for allies, escape from battle and think twice before attack.

Thank you for that. I guess I just don’t understand anything. I only have 500+ hours in the game at this point.

I’ve played through several setbacks like this one, but it’s only so many times I can pretend like it’s a perfectly fine feature of the game.

This critique does not come from the place of a new player being frustrated that they don’t understand the mechanics. I’ve done veteran Iron Man play-throughs that went up to day 400 (end game crisis off admittedly). I’ve done non-iron man play-throuhgs and gone through the end-game crisis events repeatedly. I’ve tried just about every conceivable build combination with the perk system, and experimented with different aspects of the game. I’m playing through now to figure out the most effective starting game strategy to be ready to handle the end-game crisis consistently.

I did not attack the necrosavants. I knew that it was a fight I wanted to avoid, and they caught me on the worldmap as I ran in the opposite direction. Almost twice. I mention that in the original post.

I want to be able to defend this game for some design choices, and I’ve done just that on different threads. The difficulty scaling is far from perfect, or at the very least, information on difficulty calculation is lacking. The game needs an official guide. I appreciate your reply, but I could do without the condescension.