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@hruza Not entirely sure how to get the point across that I’m aware of all of this.

I’m familiar with formation, it’s one of the most basic aspects of the game. Being ambushed (engaged by a bandit/hostile party) in the swamp or forest completely overrides any pre-configured formation you have. Instead the map generates brothers and attackers in a random scatter around the donkey carts.

I love the fact that the game does not hold you by the hand. Yes, you have to choose your battles. I’ve pointed out as much in other threads. Retreating is an option and i’m fully aware of how to do it properly. So tell me, when necrosavants are faster than my party on the worldmap, and they have the highest mobility in-combat of any mob in the game, how exactly do I retreat without taking some form of loss? I saw the party and did not choose to engage. I immediately moved in the opposite direction and was overtaken. My question is why is a party of necrosavants with such high world map speed randomly generated at all in the mid-game? There are very few enemies that can outrun you sure. But there’s not a damn thing that can outrun a necrosavant, let alone 5.

Losses are inevitable. I can live with that. I’m just not convinced that certain aspects of the game are fine tuned well enough that all loses are adequately earned. There have been plenty of times where I haven’t paid attention and forgot to replace a broken shield, or made a bad positioning move on the map. High level brothers died and I earned them. That’s not my issue. My issue is the aspects of the game that punish you for nothing in the name of challenging experience. Combat is difficult enough without the extra help in the way of events and insufficient information from quest givers.