Reply To: Money, more brothers, or better equipment?

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@namespace I never repair before selling. Should I? It’s worth the money you earn against the tools you use to repair them?

Depends. Cheap, low level equipment and armor? No. Higher tiers stuff? Yes, if you can get enough tools for a fair price, which is not always the case.

Math behind is simple: It takes 1 tool to repair 15 points of durability of the item. Given you can buy 20 tools (or is it 25?) for about 200-250 crowns, it means that 1 tool costs +-10 crowns. Which means that repairing 15 points of durability also costs about 10 crowns.

Generally it is worth repairing only expensive stuff with not very high durability. Mostly tier 3 and higher. In some cases tier 2. Be careful about armor, since high tier armor have very high durability and therefore it’s very expensive to repair. And you have to consider “market price” of an item, not it’s nominal value. So it also depends where are you located, is that settlement near you hostile village or friendly metropolis, because that will influence selling price. Sure, you don’t have to sell in the village, you can travel to the friendly metropolis across the map. But you need to pay wages and your mercs will consume food. So is it worth it? Perhaps it is better to sell it in the village strait away and free equipment slots in you inventory for the quest village is offering. But then perhaps quest is to deliver cargo to friendly metropolis, so you can as well haul that looted equipment with you, repairing it along the way.

To sum it up, it’s situational. I saw many people claim that you should always repair everything, save the most basic stuff. That’s plain wrong. Do math, if you know at what price you can sell item to determine if you can make profit in the first place and then consider your situation and circumstances. May be you have to leave some loot after the next battle because equipment you are repairing is taking free slots. May be tools you spend repairing those items will be missed after the next battle to repair equipment you are actually using and you will have to travel half way across the map to buy more. Also don’t take in to consideration just final price of the fully repaired item, you need to consider how much would missing durability increase it. It does not make sense to use 2 tools worth 20 crowns to repair 20% damage of the the item which you then sell for 40 crowns, if you can sell it at 32 at 80% of durability. By repairing it, you would actually loose 12 crowns. In other words you need to know for how much is 1 point of the durability of the item worth on the market versus how much it costs to repair it.

I am also unsure how game handles repairing last points of durability up to max. 1 tool repairs 15 durability points, but may be it takes just 5 to restore item to max health. Does game still spend 1 full tool or does it internally keep record of the fractions? Likely not. It will likely spend whole tool and you need to take it in to consideration, because those last few points to max are gone be very expensive to repair.

For clarification, by durability I mean one of the weapon stats, not % of “health”. You can see both actual durability and max durability in info screen.

My advice is to repair only really expensive stuff, and then only if it is substantially damaged, because more damaged it is, less of a issue cost of the last chunk of the durability will be.

I’m to looking for a sustained grow of my company, both in equipment and man, but after a bad battle… haha

You seems to get higher prices for contracts once your reputation grows higher. Relations to settlement might influence it as well. So as you keep doing quests, your pay will eventually increase overall.