Reply To: Money, more brothers, or better equipment?

Avatar photohruza

Just to give example of what I was talking above:

I have a pike at 60%, it’s durability is 39/64. I need 25 points = 2 tools to repair it. Equals about 20 crowns (if I got a good price on tools).
I can sell fully repaired pike in the neutral citadel for 160 crowns or I can sell one at 60% for 97.
Means investing 20 crowns to repair it would allow me to sell it for 63 crowns more.
63 – 20 = 43 crowns of profit.
However if you would have to buy tools at say 350 crowns, profit would have being much lower.

Now question is, is it worth to keep that pike occupy space in my inventory until the next time I visit larger town or castle where prices are good?

I also have leather lamellar armor at 77% (74/95) which I can sell for 41 crowns. It would sell for 53 fully repaired. Difference is 12 crowns.
I need to repair 21 durability with 2 tools costing me 20 crowns.
12 – 20 = -8 or 8 crowns of loss.