Reply To: "Some Necrosavants"

Avatar photoSekata

They are hidden unless they attack, which un-hides them for the remainder of the turn. You can also see them if they are engaged in melee.

So letting them wait to act at the very end of the turn would grant them impunity? Unless enemy made their ranged wait as well (but then with their high initiative they would still act before you). Or will they be still exposed at the beginning of the next turn?

Anyways, you are talking about late-game and sekata is talking about early game if I understand that correctly.

No, I am talking about early to mid game. Raiders are meant to be challenging early on. You aren’t supposed to plow through hordes or raiders and marksmen without effort. At last that’s what I think. later there are other challenges.

We agree that they should be challenging. I’m not suggesting that they shouldn’t be. I am suggesting that one part of the bandit composition, marksmen with crossbow mastery, that can one shot level 6 brothers engagement after engagement given bad rng and effectively stunt the player’s growth/nullify all profits should be toned down since the AI does not have to work under the same restrictions. Or maybe don’t tone them down, but make them less common. I would be agreeable to that. Seeing “Bandit Marksmen” on the worldmap could mean fighting 3 guys with longbows, but it could just as easily mean 3 guys with mid tier crossbows and mastery perks.

Failing that there are other perfectly reasonable solutions. Make a separate classification so different ranged bandits are easier to identify from the world map, or make the risk when crossbowmen are involved worth the reward.

Overhype is absolutely amazing at what they do. They’re capable and the game is fairly decently balanced in its current state. Giant companies with insane budgets fail to balance triple A games properly and can spend years releasing incremental tweaks. I’m trying to understand why its so hard to believe that it’s at least possible that things should be tweaked in BB.