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Hopefully it lets me include this headshot on my BB…34 dmg to head armor, 57 to head….he was wearing the coif (70/70) armor rating on it. So maybe part of my anger is a bug….I will say that I would agree with some nerfs to human ranged as well to keep it equal. Even if it was something like the 1.5x damage only applies to armor, and any additional dmg over goes to body damage (and it would work for both sides)….@hruza I appreciate you doing the full math as I am a little lazy to do it to show how it should be working.

Even making it so crit hits only effect your health AFTER you loose armor would be a huge benifit to the game (or 2 types of crits…1 for just armor (20%), and 1 for body (5%))…something like this