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I didn’t say the archer was my only counter. I said he was the specialized counter, I bring crossbowmen as well.

OK, I misunderstood you then. Still, I wouldn’t encourage too much specialization in this game as a strategy. Of course you can do it just for fun of it. Certain level of specialization is necessary of course but too much will hurt you. Having pampered that one merc in to superman in some task just to see him die from lucky crossbow bolt in to the eye must be frustrating. And given nature of this game, he will inevitably catch one sooner or later. Or meet end in some other unfortunate way.

I like to equip my team for each specific battle and that requires certain level of versatility in brothers (and lot of inventory space for equipment). Sometimes I tend to bring only crossbows in to the fight, other time I like all bows (case with raiders). And all my ranged have to be competent in close combat as well. Usually as a second row with polearms or long axes. Or give them sword and shield when facing those damn goblins, because anybody without shield is near useless against them and exchanging fire with goblins is sure way to loose.

I also tend to build reserve, so I have brothers with different levels in learning circling in the battle. That way when I loose somebody, I don’t have to place fresh recruit in to his place and start from the ground. At last not all the time.

Mercs are only ever encountered during missions with clear skull difficulty ratings. Tell me this @hruza: how often have you been attacked on the worldmap by a roaming band of mercenaries outside of any quest event? Does it happen often?

You can encounter mercs during several missions which can have one or two skulls. Notably carry package mission.

We haven’t even talked about numbers yet. So @hruza, how often have you been able to field 15 soldiers instead of 12 to make up for the roles you replaced with crossbowmen?

I don’t know why developers decided to limit player to 12 on the battlefield. There might be some programing reasons. I think more would strain player from management point. However there are plenty of the times when you are facing less then 12 and it’s you who have advantage. So it’s sort of fair. I didn’t take on those huge noble armies so far and honestly seeing them few times in combat I don’t know how’s that even possible. But so far I don’t have 12 swords for hire in heavy armor, with legendary weapons and level 11 and above, so perhaps that’s how :)

This raider defense mission has protection target locations pretty close by, so you’re looking at a 12 vs 22 with 6+ crossbowmen. Damn you world gen rng. I know, you can walk away.

Exactly, you can walk away ;) There will be another quest with only 6 raiders and locations not too close :) There’s very little penalty for failing missions. Except few, and in this particular case you would get small decrease in reputation with the settlement, and settlement would lack certain goods for some time.

The enemy can and does pick battles. Are you telling me that every single pack of direwolves/bandits/orcs runs straight for you? Absolutely not. Some do and some don’t. That suggestion is a bit silly.

They can’t, you can outrun most of them. Exceptions are very rare.

I stand by every single point that I’ve made. My guy might get 1-shotted by a 2h or an orc. That’s fine, I accept and expect it.

You just made me smile (in a good sense) :) Do you know that people in the Middle ages had considered crossbow to be “unfair” and “unsporty” weapon? Gutting each other with swords or axes, smashing skulls with clubs and maces, quartering people or burning on the stake (burning was actually considered good and clean death, which is why it was reserved for women), but crossbows? UNFAIR! Pope have it even outlawed at one point. At last in fights between Christians. For use against infidels it was OK.

Your attitude is pretty close to it. -I love level of historical authenticity in this game :D

In the current build, enemy raiders usually move to cover exposed marksmen. Not every time, but often, so the claim that they often expose themselves needlessly is complete bunk. With the nerf to bullseye that makes it fairly difficult for your own backline marksmen to take out the priority units. When they don’t move into cover or have high ground they usually have allied cover. Maybe in 1-3 fights I’ll see an archer remain exposed for a few turns, but not too often.

They do expose themselves in my game. You need to have more then 2 ranged units however in my experience for that to happen. First they turtle, but once you kill few of his front liners, they tend to start acting more actively. They either send part of their force to charge you or they expose their ranged.

But as I said, if they don’t so much better. I can just pick his melee off one by one. Bringing spare ammo helps of course.

Stop assuming that because I dislike an enemy type that I can’t handle the game.

I don’t assume anything and I newer said you can’t play. I just react to what you have written yourself. You expressed repeatedly that you have issue with bandit marksmen. That’s what I am discussing. I don’t face anything close to frustration you express when facing them. They are dangerous, but nothing exceptional. They did gave me trouble at the beginning when I had underestimated them, but since I learned the hard way not to ignore them, they’re manageable. I am trying to tell you how I do things, in order to fight them, and since I have nowhere as much trouble with them as you, means I must be doing something right.