Reply To: Ranged balancing

Avatar photoSekata

I think we’ll just have to shake and part on this one @hruza. Mid-late game most quest combat encounters with bandits include well over a 12 man cap. It’s painless for the AI to spawn any of its armies. It’s not uncommon to fight 2-3 bandit spawns with decent equipment back to back just wandering the world. When the player leaves an engagement and fights again quickly, it has to deal with damaged equipment and brothers with lower health if it doesn’t have replacements ready at all times. A bandit army can sack a caravan and attack your company with absolutely none of that hindrance. It doesn’t have to hire more brothers, it simply spawns them fully formed and adequately leveled from a bandit camp. Camps which respawn themselves. Units spawn with randomly generated equipment, there is no associated cost. I don’t see the advantage as the player’s here when the player has to replace gear and save up for decent equipment. That and perk points are precious. it’s quite a lot to have to invest 1 for every single brother regardless of role to counter a single enemy type. Wounded brothers have to sit out and the player doesn’t always have the luxury of healing up completely from encounter to encounter. I can concede the player’s cognitive advantage, but I’m still convinced that this games equipment scaling (not it’s AI) needs some extra work.

I respect your position. I don’t share it though. To me the whole point of forum engagement like this is feedback for the devs. Mine is strongly in favor of tweaks being made. BB saw a well executed development cycle. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect.