Reply To: Ranged balancing

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Don’t mean to speak for you here @hruza, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure he plays on Veteran/Expert possibly with Iron Man on.

My problem isn’t difficulty. From what little I understand, higher difficulties spawn more enemies in armies/contracts and things are more expensive, so someone playing on veteran or higher should be facing more marksmen. If he can get through them with 2 losses up to day 200+ then more power to him.

All that aside, I still think they should be toned down. Just because one player likes the balance does not mean that the balance is fine. On the converse, many hating it doesn’t mean that it’s broken. They are an enemy type made unpleasant by their frequency and the lack tools and effective counterplay in the early game before the player has had time to get established.

I expect to get rocked by undead legionaries. You see them en-masse mostly in the undead end-crisis. In the late game. Even with a fairly well trained army, I expect to and do take losses. The undead legionaries are amazing and fun to fight. They create a fun sense of tension, and the sieges in the undead invasion have an awesome atmosphere of a withering resistance holding out against an unstopping and uncaring professional force that has overcome death.

A bunch of guys that start showing up early game with hand-cannons before you have the means to really counter them is just…. Meh. If they’re left as they are, I’d be fine if they were just less common.