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Avatar photohruza

Why xbow (crossbow) is so weak compared to bow?

It isn’t. I find it quit balanced and fairly historically accurate.

Maybe i haven’t played long enough, but right now i can see that in DMG bow=xbow

That’s realistic. Xbows weren’t more powerful then bows. They both use human muscle energy to fire, so they are bound to be more or less on par.

Range of bow is > that xbow (7 to 6) that is strange

Again, realistic and historically accurate. Xbow bolts are very short and they don’t maintain stability well in flight. Longer the distance, more they start to wobble which increases drag and shortens the range.

Yes accuracy of bow is a bit lower, but you can shoot 2 arrows for 1 bolt per turn!

You can only shoot 2 unaimed shots with poor accuracy and penalty to damage and lower range (effectively equal to xbow). If your archer is very skilled and target is close, he can pull it off. But otherwise you need aimed shot which cost the same as xbow shot. Except xbow is still more accurate anyway.

so what do you think about xbow right now?

If you have very skilled archer (70+ skill) and your opponents are not heavily armored, go for bow. In any other case xbow will be probably superior.

Xbow is more accurate, have better armor penetration (enhanced further by perk) and allows you to shoot and move, or other way around at the same turn. Of course that requires xbow to be already loaded at the beginning of the turn. This is advantage easy to miss but very useful if you use shoot tactically. For example since xbow comes already loaded at the start of the turn, you can fire at the enemy, retreat 3 tiles and shoot at him the second time as he closes next turn. At the same time, you can only fire 2 weak shots from bow, which are inferior in damage, accuracy and equal in range. In other cases you can move xbowmen in to firing position and fire at the same turn, making it impossible for enemy to react.

Overall both bows and xbows are well balanced, they have their strengths and weaknesses and which one is better depends on circumstances.