Avatar photoStyxwash

In general, the overland map is quite frustrating. I wish they made it turn based and revolved around the players movement. Pause and go is annoying and fits badly with the battlefield part of the game.

I would like to see some strategical, RNG based abilites on the map, like adv. scouting/tracking, stealth, camp entrenchment etc.

It would be great to see some kind of connection between the two parts of the game, maybe even a tactics preparation phase, where you can place your troops within an area on the map.
It’s very frustrating how your mercs (and enemies) are just dropped down into random terrain.

This would also make it less tedious to both retreat or make use of the terrain without spending 5 turns moving your troops. AI should make use of it as well, letting them pick their terrain.

I was disappointed that the player doesn’t have a skillset of his own, including skills affecting the overland map and archetypes like diplomacy, bartering and leadership (similar to Expeditions: Conquistador/Vikings)

Would be great to see a BB2 with such features, including cavalry, siege and indoor battles.